Thursday, 27 April 2017

BGC Prayer Partners

FAO of  BGC Prayer Partners
Sadly we have had a major problem with the internet side of things and our list of prayer partners has been deleted! I am trying to reassemble the list by trawling through my old addresses.
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Despite South Sudan (including Juba) being in the grip of ever worsening conditions, BGC remains open with 70 students on roll. Food is proving a major problem but we are on course for the exams at the end of next month. Your prayers are greatly valued.
More news later.

Trevor Stubbs
BGC International consultant

Sunday, 19 February 2017

BGC Update

Dear BGC Prayer Partners,
Thank you for your prayers for BGC. They are so important. Things are desperately hard in Juba at present especially on the food front - there simply is not enough to go around. Price inflation is huge. Please pray for the college and everyone else in South Sudan. Pray that the roads may become safe and be re- opened, and that there may be sufficient security as this wet season approaches for successful planting.
Below is the latest from our principal, Samuel.

Almost all students have reported back to the college and classes are on already. Except one of the students from the Diocese of Yirol who got held up by a case related to his plot which someone was grabbing. 
Otherwise the college is running except the enormous challenges posed on us by South Sudan's economic downturn. Food prices in the market are unbearable, for example in the last one bag of rice (50kgs) used to be SSP 2500  and now it is  SSP5000! We are badly stretched at all sides. I have been trying to knock some doors locally here in Juba to find ways of getting enough foods for our students but almost every entity is pressed hard like BGC. At least for now, our students have a little to share within March but I don't know what April and May will hold for us. 
One thing that is keeping us is that BGC is the college of God and God will take care of it.
Thanks for keeping us in your prayer and being on our side. 

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

TEE Programme in Uganda

It all began in Kakuma Refugee Camp, North Eastern Kenya where most of the people did not have future plans or dreams to follow. A few who made use of their time then are now helpful. When the Theological Education by Extension program reached Kakuma under the auspice of New Sudan Council of Churches (NSCC) in late 1998, it was sought to be a window of learning the ways of God. I was too registered with Sudan Interior Mission church. Evangelist Daniel Yor Akech, (now the Commission of Melut County) was our TEE Tutor. A deep sense of desiring to learn theology became stronger I was able to consistently read the materials assigned and attend TEE group discussions for two years.