Saturday, 6 December 2008

Garage Sale

Hi Everyone.
We have, today, held a huge sale of stuff that we cannot store whilst we are away in the Sudan. We had lots of people who came and bought, and a good number of volunteers who helped us to sell. A total of £360 was collected - but the piles of books and unsold items seems as big as it was when we started! It cannot be of course. We had intended to take a photo but we have been far too busy to find the time to do so - so you will just have to imagine our front courtyard with a about 6-7 meters of books, two to three tables of small items, 10 of so chairs and a garage with bedding, bikes, pictures and garden things.
Many thanks to all those who came and left, not only with a contribution of cash, but their love and support for our work.

We are delighted to say that "Good Books",our local Christian Bookshop, has adopted us into their charity. They will collect and administer any contribution to our work in the Sudan. Donations can be gift-aided through them too. Just send everything to them (made out to "Good Books") at the address on the right of our blog page indicating that it is for the Sudan. Many thanks to all at Good Books. This means we will not have to use our Listening People account, although that will remain open.

We have just heard of another substantial gift this afternoon. We are amazed at people's generosity. We will make sure that every penny goes to buy the things that will make the most impact in the Sudan.

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