Tuesday, 20 January 2009

An Amazing Day!

We have been recovering from the truly fantastic day we had yesterday (our last official day in the Bridport Team), the nice things that were said, and the gifts showered on us! We are aware that this is as much about the grace and power of God as anything we have done - but we are so happy that people feel as blessed as they say. The service was brilliant. It was just the right balance of praise, prayer and fun. Thanks for all who prepared the food - including a cake for us to cut! People came from Yorkshire, Bristol, Wool, Sherborne, Normandy and Paris, as well as the Bridport Team and the Lyme Bay Deanery.
The total amount given in one way or another in the Good Books account for the Sudan now stands at £4293.50 (Wow! Thanks!). The picture was taken yesterday in St Mary's Bridport by one of our French friends. They had come across the channel specially for the occasion.

We are now looking forward to moving to t
he Sudan and beginning our work there. We have a few days left to pack up the house, tell everyone we are moving, and visit relatives and friends. It will be good to start proper work again and not have to worry about sorting things that have not been touched for 14 years!

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