Friday, 20 March 2009

Some "stop-press" news!

Our new college site looks as if is becoming available sooner than we thought. The two parties who currently occupy it are soon to move and make it available to us. There are currently two buildings there. A purpose built student dormitory and a a dining room and kitchen. There is also a building that needs a roof and some outhouses. The whole site will need clearing and fencing. The time is coming when we will be in a position to make a full-scale international appeal for funds to develop the site. Keep us in your prayers.
We want to open a BGC website so we can make an affective appeal with photos, updates and contacts etc. This will need to be several pages long because it will also serve to describe what the students are up to. The more "professional" this is, the more impact it will make. Is there anyone out-there with the know-how who could put-together, upload and manage a such a website for us? Reward in heaven - and the knowledge you are doing a vital job for the church and people of Sudan!

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