Tuesday, 2 February 2010

New Bishop Gwynne College Up and Running

The college is open and running.
We had a grand opening service on Sunday afternoon last that was attended by no less than four bishops, the provincial secretary and other distinguished guests. We have managed to upload pictures on the Picasa NBGC website. See the links on the right. It is very difficult to upload pictures to this blog because of the restricted bandwidth we have here.
The wonderful tall man in the purple is our new lecturer Simon Lual Bang. His wife Martha has a matching dress that you can see in one of the photos. Simon's subjects are Old Testament and Sudan Church History.
The lady with the long black hair is Daniela Rapisarda. She is a volunteer lecturer in NT and Systematic Theology. Although she an Italian she is married to the Norwegian Political Consul here. Daniela was born into one of the rare Italian Protestant families in Sicily.
The lady with the short white hair (Tina!) is showing off the newly arranged library. Here she is teaching the students the library system. English teaching is taking up most of her day.
The man with increasingly less hair (Trevor!) as well as being technically "in charge" teaches Homiletics (Sermons) and Anglicanism - the subjects "what got left over". This, however, leaves enough time to get sorted out on the new site, which is at the "meeting standing on site" stage. Since the temperature is pushing 40C these days (we are in the height of the dry season and even the Africans are wilting in the sun) so our meetings are not going to be long! (The upside to the extra hot weather is that the mosquitoes have almost vanished - nowhere to breed, or died of heat-stroke!).
Today we are struggling with our electricity and water in our house. After a power surge two days ago the sockets in the kitchen and sitting room don't work - but the bath tap is live! The electrician is coming tomorrow. The whole place should have been rewired twenty years ago, but then TIA (this is Africa).
Thanks everyone for your prayers. They are working.

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katebatorski said...

Hi Tina
Found the blog and am hoping can get in touch this way to find out how to follow up setting up a link with one of the schools. We are doing a geography topic next half term and thought maybe it would be good idea to start some work on the Sudan.
Please let me know,
Kate Batorska