Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Prayer Answers, Thanksgivings and Petitions

July - August 2010

Prayer Answers, Thanksgivings and Petitions

Dear Prayer Partners,

Returning from the Sudan after spending more than six weeks in the UK some of you must have thought we had disappeared. Others we have met - we managed to get to the north of England (East Yorks, Teesside and Cumbria), Bristol and the South West as well as the Diocese of Salisbury. We have learned just how much people do indeed keep us in their prayers and how much this little plea is used.

Thank you,

Trevor and Tina

1. NBGC and the New Site

Give thanks for the huge cheque we received from the Diocese of Salisbury from Bishop David's leaving appeal. The cheque was for £61,500 - but we understand now that there is more to add. This an enormous boost to us. We are so grateful for the love with which it all comes.

Please pray for us as we now get to grips with actually putting everything into place on the new site. Pray for the builders that they may work well, speedily and safely. Pray for us who have the responsibility of getting the college up and running on the new site.

Pray for the enrolment of the new students. This is proving very complicated with so many new dioceses, poor communications, worries about getting the fees and with people enquiring so late. Pray that we can make proper decisions about which course to start people on, and that we will have sufficient space to accommodate all who need it.

Give thanks for the Revd Joseph Taban and Mr Mark Malook who are joining the teaching staff. Pray that they will settle quickly.

Pray for Tina and Mark as they establish an expanding English department as they put together a foundation year at the college

2. The Schools

Give thanks for the schools we managed to visit in the UK in July and the others with links in the Sudan. We thank God for the huge interest of staff and children and the very wise understanding and sensible questions we were asked.

Pray for all the schools here in the Sudan as they seek proper leadership, proper training and pay for teachers, and decent buildings. Pray for the children and their families so much at risk of malnutrition and disease, even in a city like Juba.

3. The ECS

Give thanks for the many wonderful people of the ECS here who have made us enormously welcome and really make us at home in Juba. We give thanks for their huge commitment to making New Bishop Gwynne College, the ECS and the whole of Sudan work to the glory of God.

Give thanks and pray for the four new bishops recently elected and consecrated in the Sudan and the dioceses they will serve Cueibet and Yirol have new bishops. Aweil and Wed Medani are new dioceses in the border areas of south and north Sudan. These will be very challenging places to serve as we approach the referendum due for January 2011.

Pray for Larry Duffee who has joined the Provincial Office from the USA to help them instigate financial strategies.

Pray for the Theological Education Commission's annual meeting to be held at NBGC beginning on 27th July followed by in-service training of theological teachers.

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