Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Thankgsgivings and Prayer Requests

Currently we are at a critical stage in Bishop Gwynne College. BGC now has a new constitution. We are putting an end to the interim period. We pray for the new Board of Governors and College Council due to have its first meeting on 26th March.

We are at the point when a child puts on a spurt of growth and suddenly seems to outgrow all her clothes, or when parent birds cannot seem to collect enough food to satisfy the demands of their fledgelings. As we develop, so we are just managing to provide the basics, but have no reserves, no fat to call on, to help us over the lean bits. This last month we have managed, but only just. We are owed more than enough but those that owe it take their time.

Last month I reported that all of the prayers that we have asked for up to then have been granted. There is one vital thing, however, that still has to happen – the removal of the shipping containers parked on our land. If we are unable to rent out the roadside part of the site, then we will not make ends meet and we will have to suspend operations.

So we ask for your prayers.


Please pray that Zephaniah, the owner of the containers, gets his machinery sorted as he has promised, and gets on with removing all twelve of the monsters that are putting the future of the college into jeopardy.

Pray that the two indebted tenants manage to pay what they owe this week as they have promised us.

Pray that we can work a deal with a new tenant to obtain money in advance so we can finish the second staff house. This is desirable not only from the financial point of view but for the life of the college.

We give thanks the award of the Anglican Communion Fund towards this second house and pray that will soon arrive.

We thank God the money on its way for the library that has already been given by the Slavanka Trust


Pray for all the 38 students sitting the Special Entrance Exam on 19th March to begin a first year diploma course in August. By no means all 38 will qualify for admittance – we could not take them all in any case – so please pray for those involved in the discernment process.

Pray for the third year now involved deeply in the last semester of their course which has extended over four years. Pray especially for all these students that all of them manage to get it together to earn a College Diploma.

Pray for those in the first year doing the Limuru University Diploma as they get their results from the first semester exams next week.

New University Feasibility Study

We thank God for the generosity of the three people coming on the study and for those who have made grants towards the exercise. Please pray for Dr Ruth Eade, Dr Eeva John and Prof. Peter Haycock are due to begin their study on 3rd April

We Give Thanks

...for the faith that surrounds us on every side. Thank God for the way that he helps us all here despite the many problems, personal and organisational. We rejoice in the healing and the huge patience of so many people. We thank God for the humility of saintly pastors who work for so little – often giving and receiving nothing – in a culture that sees poverty as weakness and honours the wealthy. We thank the lay people for their patience with other pastors who sometimes have more worldly motives.

We thank God that, despite all the problems, we still have a governable country, and we pray that those traditional aspects of the culture which hold the people back can be overcome.

We rejoice in the women of the Mothers' Union who love, and give, and organize where other channels may get clogged up. We pray for the visit of our Mothers' Union friends from Mary Sumner House in April.

We rejoice that we have a new beginning, emerging from the interim period, at BGC.

We thank God for all you who are praying in 5 continents of our planet for us at BGC and the Sudan. May God bless you and be with you, and may you know his blessings in your life as we do in ours.

Thank you

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JenG said...

I'm sorry to be late with his prayer request, but dear Lord, please get Zephania moving!

Thank you so much for this really informative blog!
Jenny Galuschka