Sunday, 8 May 2011

Prayers for Bishop Gwynne College

We have a few urgent things to pray about at the moment, so I thought I would send out this extra request. I don't know why, but it definitely seems that the more people pray for something, the more that prayer is answered! Why this should be I don't know, but your prayers do work. Praying the other night I felt the Lord telling me to get others praying too. He wants us (needs us?) all to pray. Thank you everyone. (Did you know we have prayer partners on five continents of the world?)

1. On Tuesday, 10th May, staff and students are going down to the areas on the roadside still occupied by others. The developers are ready to move in. These people know they have to go, but unless we take some positive action they will just stay. This includes the owner of the 8 containers still on the site! We shall win this one, but we need you all to pray. Thanks.

2. We are currently owed, or due to receive, a total of around 84,000 sdg (US$30,000) from seven sources. Some of this we expected weeks ago. This is both for the running of the college, student fees and the completion of the second staff house. I am having to chase it all with emails and letters.We need at least 17,000 sdg before the end of the month. So we would be enormously grateful for your prayers.

3. Otherwise, we give thanks for the way the students are studying for their forthcoming exams, and their dedication. They are a credit to college and church. The graduation is on 4th June. More details to come ...

May God bless you all,


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