Sunday, 12 June 2011

Thankgsgivings and Prayer Requests

Dear Prayer Partners,
Why the world's media chooses to largely ignore the terrible events that are happening in the Sudan I do not know. The attacks made on civilians in Abyei and South Kordofan and also aerial bombardment in Unity State are driving thousands into the bush without access to basic human needs. Little children are dying daily. Others are being separated from their parents. Pregnant women are giving birth under trees as they flee. Patients have been driven from their hospital beds, and old people who cannot run are being left to accept their fate as soldiers and militia shoot, shell or deliberately destroy civilian homes, schools, clinics or churches.
It is reported that church personnel in Kadugli have been killed. The presence of UN peacekeeping forces is largely ineffective.
BGC college news is much more cheerful. 13 third students graduated in a ceremony in All Saint's Cathedral, Juba on 4th June. Foundation Year students received their certificates.
Joseph Taban has now officially taken over as Principal. But his first duty and joy was to get to Khartoum to be with his wife and new daughter, Jacy, born on 30th May.
I depart for the USA tomorrow to attend the American Friends of the ECS conference and tour to talk about BGC in particular and the Sudan in general.
We have launched an appeal for over $300,000 from the building of more housing and a multipurpose chapel.
Thank you for your wonderful prayers.
Trevor 12/6/2011

We give thanks the 13 third year students and the foundation year who finished the academic year with certificates last week.
We pray for them as they return to their homes in different parts of the country. We thank God that our student from Abyei will be able to join his mother who has now safely arrived in Wau, along with fiancée and her family. We give thanks, too, that our student from the Nuba Mountains (South Kordofan) will be reunited with his wife and children in Khartoum where they have fled.
We pray for the seven new students preparing to join the college when it reopens in August.
We ask God's blessings on Joseph Taban and his family and the staff at the college. We give thanks for the safe arrival of his new little girl.
Please pray for my trip to the US as I visit Washington DC, Virginia, North Carolina, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Michigan.
Pray for the success of the BGC Project Appeal.
We pray that the developer who has contracted to develop the roadside part of the BGC site will get started soon so that the site can be tidy and secure. We thank God that the preliminaries have now been largely completed and that the remaining containers will not hamper the work.
Let us pray for for peace, and a speedy end to the conflicts in Abyei, South Kordofan and elsewhere. We pray that it doesn't spread to new areas. We pray for the UN, that its personnel may be truly effective. We pray that humanitarian aid can reach the places it needs. We pray that the conflicts will be fully reported around the world so that war crimes may not go largely unnoticed.
Pray for the Government in Khartoum and the Government of South Sudan in these critical days leading up to independence on 9th July.

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