Thursday, 24 November 2011

Prayers and Thanksgivings

Dear Prayer Partners,
As we are currently in the UK, I am passing on to you the prayer requests as they have come to us. For those who know us, Tina is making a good recovery, but a broken ankle does not mend in a fortnight. She is currently on two sticks inside the house with the next visit to the hospital planned for 19th December.
The situation in the Sudan and South Sudan is not good. There are many new instances of horrors being committed against unarmed people, including the very old and the very young. And, in the north, humanitarian aid is not being permitted to reach the very many refugees. In South Sudan planes (from the Sudan) have recently bombed a refugee camp in Upper Nile causing the UN and other NGOs to withdraw. Negotiations over Abyei continue, but although agreements have been reached in negotiations in Addis Ababa, the SAF have not withdrawn on the ground, and arrangements have been broken almost as soon as they have been agreed to. For those who are interested, I give links to a report from an Amnesty International director and an Al Jazeera report from the bombed refugee camp below.
The economic situation has deteriorated because of the conflicts, most noticeably in the north where the failure to come to a settlement on the amount South Sudan should pay the north for conveying the oil to the port, has meant that they have lost around three quarters of their national income.
New initiatives have been taken to address the problem of the LRA with the decision by the USA to send advisory and support soldiers into the region.
The bitter violent quarrels in Jonglei State have not abated it seems, and the ECS is very concerned to do what it can to heal all tribal differences in the country.
Trevor Stubbs

Bishop Gwynne College
Please pray for the staff and especially the principal, Joseph Taban as we near the end of this semester.
Pray for those preparing to teach in the next semester, including Dr Ellen Hanckel from the USA.
Pray also for the five students who sat the Special Entrance Exam at the beginning of November and who are now awaiting the results.
Pray for all the students as they prepare to sit the first semester exams. Pray that the second year may be encouraged by their past experiences and prepare themselves properly. Pray the the first year will learn from the example of those who have gone before.

The Episcopal Church of the Sudan
We give thanks that a successful synod involving all 31 diocese in the province took place successfully in Juba over the past few weeks. We thank God that it was attended by representatives of the government, the UN and international community as well as the Anglican Communion.
We pray that the resolutions they have passed and the people they have elected to office will serve the church well as we move forward surrounded by so many obstacles.
We pray for a renewed vision and energy amount the bishops and church leaders across the province, and the necessary resources will follow them as the step out in faith to do God's work.

The Politics
We pray for the leaders of both Sudan and South Sudan and all those engaged in the process of reconciliation and peace. We pray for those who oppose the leadership - especially those willing to use force, that all the actions they take will be for the good of all the peoples irrespective of tribe or religion.
We pray for those in government who are seeking to improve the access to health care and education as well as security for the two nations.
We pray that a speedy resolution to the impasse on the division of the oil revenues will be reached so that more resources will flow for the prosperity of everyone.

The Refugees and Beleaguered
We pray especially for those who are suffering directly from the violence and conflict. Pray for those who are injured and sick, particularly for those who cannot access the right medical care. We pray for mothers giving birth to children in the bush or in camps where little care is possible.
Please pray for old people and children separated from their families.
Pray for those seeking to bring aid to the people, not only the UN and Aid Agencies, but the churches and mosques served by the local people.

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