Friday, 2 March 2012

Back in Juba

Getting behind with your blog is not one of those sins you come across specifically referred to in the Bible! But apologies to all those of you looking for news. One of the reasons for the delay is that I wanted to wait until I was back in Juba so that the news could be fresh and true. What a joy to get back here at last.
The students are happy and working well. The staff new and old are applyinng themselves with energy. The environment is slightly better. At least the water is flowing readily on the new site.
BGC is in good heart, but we still lack enough buildings. As new men and women are coming for interview and to sit the entrance exam this month we are acutely conscious of the need for more accommodation. Please pray about this. Buildings are not cheap, but thank God we have the land.
In coming back I have refused to work after evening meal. I have done so much evening work in the course of my ministry that now I rejoice in the time to use that period to reflect, write and study what I want to, basically just to have fun. Not that preparing for others and being with others cannot be fun. It often is, but clergy are under so much pressure. Deadlines, debates and constantly dealing with disgruntled folk can damage the quality of what is done – especially if it doesn't allow the Spirit to flow.
Rudyard Kipling urged us to work in the garden rather than spend out time sitting in the shade and singing 'Oh, how beautiful', but what's the point of 'doing' all the time without noticing the depths of the beauty that comes from meditating on it? We need a balance.
And it is very humbling also to find the place you worked in not only doing well but in better shape than you left it. Sometimes more can be done by leaving it to others more able than oneself, whilst continuing to offer the support and encouragement and doing little bits here and there to help. It has become clear that the most important job I can do is to keeping working on our brothers and sisters in the West to contribute and invest their funds, their prayer and their love.

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JenG said...

Very helpful thoughts, Trevor - Thank you!