Wednesday, 5 September 2012

From Juba with love ...

Dear BGC Prayer Partners,
We are so grateful for all your prayers. I write to you today from Juba where I am privileged to spend the next month, and know just how much your prayers are appreciated by the hard working people here in Bishop Gwynne College.
This new academic year sees us begin with a new first year of sixteen students drawn from across South Sudan. This means that, for the first time since the college reopened in 2010, we have all three years running together with all the students doing the Limuru Diploma. The institution is healthy and vibrant, performing well under our very able principal, Revd Joseph Taban.
And conditions in Juba are better than they were with a lot more town power in the grid, which, in turn means more steady town water supplies making life more comfortable. The development of the city continues apace with new buildings going up wherever you look, many of them multi-storey.
Konya-Konya market (which probably covers two hectares), which was completely destroyed by fire in March, is now fully restored. The resilience and resourcefulness of these people is amazing!
There remains, of course, a lot of poverty and for the less motivated and disadvantaged, life is a struggle. But for those who want to make something of their lives, the opportunities exist.
Thank you!

The Nation
We give thanks for the enormous resilience and determination of so many young people in South Sudan who are determined to make a success of their lives. We thank God for those who persist with school into their twenties making up for lost time. We thank God that the standards of education in the schools, although still low compared to other countries, are improving all the time.
We pray that the government of South Sudan and the government in Khartoum can continue to talk to improve conditions in both countries. We thank God that the oil looks as if it is going to begin to flow again bringing in much needed income to both south and north. We thank God also for the input and encouragement into the development of agriculture, which many see as the key to the future prosperity of South Sudan.

The College
We thank God the BGC is in good heart in the days leading up to the opening of the new academic year. We pray that there will be adequate room for the students to all sleep on the New Site. We thank God for some excellent new bunk beds especially made for the dormitory that help us increase the capacity, and for the completion of the building work that will help us accommodate even more people. We pray that all the students will find the wherewithal to travel to the college, and that they will increasingly obtain financial support and encouragement from their local communities.

We pray for the new members of staff that will begin teaching this semester. Most of them have been secured to teach their speciality for one or two courses only. We give thanks that they are sharing their expertise and improving our standards significantly. We ask God's blessing on staff relationships.

We pray for our Principal, Joseph Taban, who is under so much pressure. We pray that we can find the resources to get him a secretary. We pray for our College Council and our Board of Governors who are operating well. We thank God for our logistic officer, Benjamin Disi, who gives us much experience and dedication. We thank God that Tina has been able to return to work on the library which is primed to receive a large number of new boards from the Theological Book Network in America.

We pray for those who are building on part of the BGC land so that the college can have a good income in the future. We pray that the resources for building development will continue to flow and that the college will soon be able to utilize all of the New Site.

We praise God for all those from overseas and locally who give so generously to the work of the college and its students.

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