Saturday, 21 December 2013

Call to prayer from Bishop of Wau

Dear Prayer Partners, 
  1. Bishop Moses of Wau has sent a letter urging us to pray (See below). The main areas of conflict seem to be in Jonglei  and Unity States. These have been areas of unrest for years and the present emergency has fanned the flames.
  2. Juba appears to be relatively calm and the airport is open for scheduled flights to Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.  The American and European governments are encouraging all their nationals to leave the country and have advised that no-one should travel into the country.  This is painful for expats dedicated to working in South Sudan, many of whom have been there for years and whose home it has become. Please pray them and all those forced to leave there homes just before Christmas.
  3. BGC is closed for Christmas.  The principal, Samuel Galuak, hopes to travel on Monday and meet his wife in Uganda as she arrives from Holland where she is studying. Them being together for Christmas has long been planned but the earlier disruption to scheduled flights means he is only on stand-by. Pray that he may get to Kampala to join his wife in time for Christmas after many months apart.

ECSSS Diocese of Wau

You may know that very sad things are happening here in South Sudan
and many people fear for the future. This should be a time of peace,
we should not be fighting and killing each other. My brother in faith,
Bishop Abraham has put out a message asking for prayers, I want to
share this with you and encourage you support his request.

" Please may you, your family, and your Church join us on this coming
Sunday on December 22 to pray for peace, wisdom to our leaders, those
who lost their lives, and families affected who to be comforted by
God. Please keep me in your prayers and all the Bishops so that we can
deliver God's message to His people at this time. Thank you all for
your prayers. God bless you all and Merry Christmas."

We thank you all for your kind care and support for us in Wau and for
all of South Sudan. Our nation needs your prayers at this difficult
time, please keep us in your hearts and join with us in prayer on
Sunday. If you are able please pray for us that God may guide us back
to peace this Christmas, it would be a present worth having.

Blessings for Christmas  +Moses

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