Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Prayer Partners Update

Dear Bishop Gwynne College Prayer Partners,

Thank you so much for all the prayers you have offered for BGC, the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan and the people of those countries in the past few months. Tina and I have booked to go to Juba on 21st October.

The college is now re-convening for the beginning of a new semester with the potential of 32 new students as well as those continuing in their first and second years.

Ten of these new first year students will be studying for the St Paul's Limuru University diploma but the other 22 do not meet the SPU admission levels. In the present conditions in South Sudan this is inevitable. But the need to educate men and women in the ministry is urgent, so the college is offering an internal diploma for these students.

The college ran a course during the long vacation in reconciliation and peace-making which was well attended.

The ECSSS has now established a new internal province for Sudan with Bishop Ezekiel of Khartoum as its head. Archbishop Daniel's address, which includes an excellent historical summary of the ECSSS, is here: http://www.salisbury.anglican.org/resources-library/mission/sudan/news-and-info/Archbishops%20declaration%20Statement%20during%20Entrhonement%20of%20Inter.pdf/view?searchterm=declaration%20statement

The political and humanitarian situation in South Sudan is dire. Talks have taken place in Addis Abba but previous agreements have not been implemented. The latest communiqué from IGAD that commends the protocol on the arrangements for a Transitional Government of National Unity (TGONU) can be found here: http://igad.int/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=943:communique-of-the-27th-extra-ordinary-summit-of-igad-heads-of-state-and-government-on-south-sudan&catid=47:communique&Itemid=149
The mood in Juba is reported as calm but imbued with disillusionment and shame. The churches are a beacon of hope and peace, and the Archbishop, leaders of other churches, pastors and lay-leaders are outspoken in the need for an end to the forces of destruction.

The people of the Nuba Mountains and South Blue Nile continue to suffer attacks as they resist the Khartoum government. http://enoughproject.org/blogs/doctors-view-foxhole-sudan?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+enoughblog+%28Enough+Said%29

Keep praying,


The College

1. We give thanks for the well-attended course on Peace on Reconciliation. We pray that the participants may have the opportunity and courage to implement what they have learnt.

2. We praise God for 32 new applicants. Please pray that they will all be able to take up the places offered and manage to arrive on time.

3. Pray for Samuel and all the members of the teaching faculty and other staff at the college as they engage with this new semester.

4. Pray for those who are waiting for the results of the exams sat in June, especially those hoping to graduate in October.

The Church

Give thanks for the determination and courage of the Churches to speak out and work for peace and humanitarian relief. Pray for Archbishop Daniel, leaders of other churches and all those engaged in Christian ministry throughout Sudan and South Sudan. Pray for Bishop Ezekiel and the new internal province based on Khartoum.

The Nations

1. Give thanks for the continued work for the formation of a transitional government in South Sudan led by IGAD (assisted by the UN, AU, the Troika (US, UK & Norway), the EU, the Sudan and China and others) and pray for them as they continue to engage the parties in talks in Addis Ababa and encourage implementation.

2. Pray for the people of the Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile as they continue to suffer attacks from the Sudan Armed Forces.

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