Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Prayer Partners Update. 25-1-2017

Dear BGC Prayer Partners
Thank you for your prayers in 2016. The new semester begins for the seventy-two students at the beginning of February.

  1. Our principal, Samuel Galuak, and our Academic Dean, Canon Undo Elisa, have been at work since the end of last semester to launch training for Theological Education by Extension (TEE) tutors in Allere Refugee Settlement in Uganda. Please commend this initiative to God. They have an appeal with details of the initiative which is on a separate post. So many South Sudanese are currently living in camps in Uganda.
  2. In Juba, please pray for security for the city and the college. Things have been quiet over Christmas and the New Year. We need this to continue. We pray for progress on the political front.
  3. Juba is not easily accessible by road with military activity in the southern border regions. This has led to severe shortage of food in the capital. Pray for the people and the college as we struggle to obtain sufficient food. Food prices are inevitable extremely high.
  4. Please pray for the safety of our students as they travel back to the college. No route is completely safe.
  5. We continue to pray for all the college staff. Remember Paul Lumbu, a visiting lecturer coming for six weeks.
  6. In South Africa we have two alumni, John Jal and Elias Bonga, doing BTh degrees in George Whitfield College. Our former librarian, Abraham Maker Akur, is studying for an M Div. at Africa International University in Nairobi. Please pray for them.
  7. We need library experts to continue the work of organising and cataloguing the growing library. Please pray that we can find them.
  8. We thank God for a recent generous gift from the students of Trinity College Bristol. We pray for them as they pray for us. Trinity has had a particular concern for BGC since 2010 with teaching links, visits, prayer and financial support.
May 2017 be a good year for you. Thank you for all your continued support.

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