Sunday, 16 July 2017

Former BGC student is shot and killed.

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Simon Wal Geng Thanipiny, a student at BGC from 2010 when he joined the foundation programme. He was later to join the Limuru diploma course.

Bishop of the Diocese of Akobo, Rt. Rev. John Jok, reports that Simon Wal Geng, was killed at his home area of Walgak, around Lou Nuer area. He had been appointed a member of the State Parliament, and was one of the team members who reached out for peace, meeting with the local people when the fatal shooting occurred.

Wal was a hard-working, lively character who got a lot done. He had enterprise and enthusiasm. He had an enormous personality and left his mark on so much. He was devoted to his family and his community. He could have made a success as a businessman making money in safe places, but his heart was with his calling to made a difference to the world.

Wal must be recorded as a BGC hero - an example to every student. He did not come with a recognised academic ability but through enthusiasm and commitment made a success of his foundation year and transferred to the diploma course. The Lou-Nuer will recognise him as a son of which they can be enormously proud.

His wife and children are in our prayers. Despite their pain, we hope they can go forward in hope as he always did. We also pray for Bishop John – his job will not be made easier by the loss of Wal, but the seeds of the martyrs are powerful, and we pray that God will raise up people to take his place. We pray that peace will reign, and soon. But we will never lose patience. Nothing that Wal did to spread the love and peace of Christ among his people and beyond can be in vain.

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Robin Denney said...

Wal will be missed by so many! My prayers are with his family. A truly remarkable man, full of joy and determination. I am thankful that I knew him, and thankful for the example of his life and ministry.