Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Prayer Answers, Thanksgivings and Petitions

November 2009

1. The College
Praise God for the way the building work has all come together in the last month on the existing building.
Praise God for water and solar power electricity, and sufficient funds to pay for it.
Praise God that the message has gone out about the college's re-opening in 2010 and the enthusiasm of the bishops to find new students for the new academic year beginning August 2010.
Praise God that we now have the staff we need to teach the first semester and much of the demands for the Michaelmas term too. Praise God for two new teachers, Simon Lual Bang (OT and Sudan Church History) and Daniela Rapisarda (NT and Systematic Theology) both beginning their studies.
Please pray that those who owe the college rent, or are due to leave college houses will honour the colleges needs.
Please pray for the disposing of the hold ups to obtaining access to the new site, and for people to come forward with the money we need to begin clearing, fencing and building.
Thank God for the books we have managed to rescue and the new ones on order. Thank God for those books that have already arrived and please pray for everyone bringing out books for us.
Pray that more and more people across the world will begin to share the vision of theological education here in the Sudan where the harvest is so very rich, and where there is so much enthusiasm of faith.

2. The School Links
Thank God for the increased interest in links with schools.
Please ask God's blessing on Tina as she seeks to get to these schools which is so very difficult without transport or a local person to travel with.

3. The Nation
Thank God for the continuing desire for peace among the local people and the government.
Pray for the political processes and those involved in them as negotiations between North and South are continuing to falter.
Please pray for hearts to put away tribal differences and that those people who are intent on short-term aggression will see a better way to prosper. Pray that the leadership of the government and the churches will be effective in this.
Pray that many people will turn out to register their names on the electoral roll. (A poor registration will detract from the impact of the elections and serve to undermine the legitimacy of the government.)

4. The Church
Please pray for the bishops as the come together for a week long conference in Rumbek beginning on 20th November, and for those flying out from the UK to be in attendance.

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