Friday, 30 October 2009

A Very Lively Place

There is so much going on these days we are finding it difficult to get to the blog. Trevor is doing two reports (one for the Bishops here and one for Salisbury).

We are sorting out the buildings in the wake of the the builders and decorators. This has been a very lively time. Most of the college has been overhauled and redecorated. The furniture is painted, varnished and cleaned but now has to be put back and everything properly organised. A huge task.
Then there is a huge pile of stored dusty files to go through. We mean huge!

This weekend we are in Terekeka with Bishop Micah (our chairman who is being installed as the first bishop there in a new diocese).

Then back for our first official staff meeting on Monday. We have a new lecturer joining us, Simon Lual Bang.

Then it won't be long before Trevor is off to Rumbek for 10 days for the Bishops' standing committee - time he could do with in the college but liaising with them is also vital.
The library was sorted into boxes and cupboards but all has been moved for the decorating. Now we have to get the shelves in place in the new library and get the books on them in order.
Our first books have arrived from the UK. We are in great need of new books and have the funding - but getting them here is a real challenge. If you are coming this way then please fill up your allowance with books. We now have the teachers but they need the tools.

Trevor and Tina are both teaching. Trevor has an 'evening class' (4 pm to 6 pm) on Sin and Salvation and Tina is teaching English three times a week on a one to one basis at the Secondary School.

The work of getting around the Juba primary schools to sort out links is hard work without transport. Patience is so important here. It took three visits to the bank and several hours just to get the signatures changed on one bank account.
Any way keep praying ...! It works.

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Paul said...

Good to see yoou blogging again! Very best wishes for your move back in - sounds like a lot of work!