Thursday, 1 October 2009

Calling All Angels!

This is a general appeal from the new Bishop Gwynne everyone who is coming to the Sudan.

Tina is digging the library out of the dust and re-cataloguing. However there are very few books newer than 1985. We are aim to teach the diploma at the level determined by St Paul's University, Limuru in Kenya and they have furnished us with their book list. Sadly, very few of the books are already in the library.

Good Books in Bridport have undertaken to get the books for us but getting them to Juba is the hardest part of the exercise. (The other day it cost us $200 to get books out of the post office here even though full postage was paid for their transport in America). The easiest way is for anyone coming to Juba to fill up their baggage allowance for us. Ethiopian Airways, for example, allows two items of luggage per person not exceeding 23 kilos each. This means each person can bring in 46 kilos!

So if you are coming to Juba, or you know of anyone coming, we would be exceedingly grateful if you could check with Good Books, Bridport (email address on the right of this page) before you come and see if they have any books ready to bring.

Very many thanks. You are indeed all angels!

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