Friday, 2 October 2009

Prayer Points

October 2009

Prayer Answers, Thanksgivings and Petitions

1. The College

Praise God for the way things are working out in the existing building. We now have quotations for a complete overhaul of the building. Essential repairs to the windows and doors etc., restoration of the water supply and the replacement of the toilets, complete internal painting and decorating and the varnishing of all the shelves are all quoted for. One of our let properties has come up for re-letting and it looks as if this will just about facilitate the work. We are also going to built on a new kitchen - which in Sudanese terms means a ten feet square piece of concrete with a zinc roof and half open sides. The cooks put their charcoal burners on the floor.

Pray that those who still occupy houses without paying the proper rent (if any) will soon be sorted out. We don't want to go through the law because we want to remain friends - but at the same time we cannot run a college without the income we are due.

Pray for the existing students who have now all been recalled to recommence their studies on 30th January 2010. Please pray that they will all be in a position to return and prosper.

Pray also for those who are being proposed to begin in a new first year in 2010. We pray that we may get the applications from the right candidates and that they are properly supported by their communities and dioceses.

We give thanks for the progress Tina is making with the library in cleaning and re-cataloguing. This is a mammoth task and we thank God that there will be other volunteers on hand from the end of September.

Pray that we may be able to get all the new books we need into Juba in time for the studies. Many of the books in the library are old - some very old. Few books have been received since 1980.

We thank God for the continued support of St Paul's, Limuru.

Praise God for the way that the necessary members of staff are becoming available. Pray for those still making u their minds about their availability. May the Lord open the way for them to come if that is his will.

2. The New Site

We still await developments regarding this. Things are going forward beneath the surface. Pray that there may be visible progress. This will become urgent before the beginning of the new year.

Continue to pray that the suggestion of a BGC Guest House will indeed come to pass and that the investment sought by Anglican International Development will be found.

3. The Schools

Pray for Tina as she revisits the primary schools to build up and establish the links that are increasing from the Diocese of Salisbury. Getting to these schools is not easy without transport of her own.

4. Sickness

Thank God that both Archbishop Daniel and Bishop Peter had thanksgiving services last week for their recovery. The archbishop is back in full-time work. Bishop Peter has to take it steady for the next few weeks but he is now back home in Lainya.

5. The Nation

Violence continues to erupt in Jonglei. On 21st September 100 people (including 50 soldiers and policemen) died in a raid on security compound in Jonglei. Much of this it seems is due to angry young men, many psychologically damaged as a result of the traumas of the war, going on the rampage.

Pray for healing.

Pray that the availability of weapons will be restricted.

Pray for the relatives and friends of those who have lost their lives in this most recent violence.

Give thanks that two young people (one a 13 year old girl) managed to escape the LRA last week. Pray for them as they come to terms with the horrors of the experience of being captive for many months, and pray for the many children who still remain captive in the bush.

Pray for the international community and those who work here from abroad in places where they are at great risk.

Pray for Muslims in the Sudan who struggle to pursue their faith amidst the pressures of extremism.

6. The Church

We rejoice in the enthusiasm and devotion of many very brave Christian people. Pastors and lay people risk their lives to proclaim the peace of God.

We thank God for the very close relationship between the denominations and the good relationships between the Christian leaders.

Pray for the work of the Sudan Council of Churches.

Pray for the bishops of the ECS as they come together at the end of October to elect new bishops

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