Tuesday, 13 May 2014

BGC Prayer Partners Update

Dear BGC Prayer Partners

Nothing stands still in South Sudan. There are daily developments on the political scene, yet the college continues on as we approach the end of the semester and the academic year.
The presiding bishop of The Episcopal Church (in the USA, etc.) has issued a special call for prayer to which we can all heed wherever we are in the world. http://publicaffairs.cmail3.com/t/ViewEmail/r/06957364C8DF2BAA2540EF23F30FEDED/6DB46F76DA8470C884E5AAD5A6C37FC6
Thank you all for your devoted service.

The Politics and Hostilities
  • Please pray for the leaders of the nation and those who have power. We give thanks for the signing of a treaty to cease hostilities and to set up an interim government (attached). There is much to resolve in the detail. Please pray that this will hold on the ground.
  • We pray for the people of South Kordofan – in particular the patients and staff of the RC mission hospital there has been bombed by the SAF.

The Church
  • We give thanks that the Sudan Council of Churches – especially Archbishop Daniel and his Roman Catholic colleague – are working effectively in the peace process.
  • We pray for the bishops and the their diocese throughout South Sudan – especially those in Malakal, Renk, Twic East and Bor.

The College
  • We pray for God's blessing on the students as they come up to their exams. Some to their finals.
  • We give thanks for the ten new computers recently delivered to the new library and the equipping of that library with the shelving and furniture required for a final transfer.
  • We pray for the prospect of a short course in reconciliation studies during the vacation.
  • We pray for the process of new applicants for the new semester in September.

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