Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Prayer Partners Update

Dear BGC Prayer Partners,
Thanks to your prayers, donations and the wonderful good management of the college by Samuel Galuak and his staff there is much good to report from BGC this month.

1. The college is in recess at present but Samuel reports on the laying of a foundation stone for a new chapel on the NEW Site.

On Saturday, 4th July, the foundation stone for BGC Chapel, was laid by His Grace Daniel Deng Bul...
It was attended  by a few number of people because our students are now on their vacation. We did not build a pillar for the stone. During the ceremony, we symbolically placed the foundation stone on a table in the site of the chapel so that when the chapel construction is done, we shall fix it on the wall like the dedication stone for the library.
As I mentioned to you last time, the monies (76, 000 SSP)  we got from the Old Dormitory site near the Blue Diamond Hotel plus another 24, 000 SSP to be generated from BGC income would be put together (100,000SSP) to start the foundation of the chapel. We are hoping to put 132,000 SSP on the chapel project from the plot near the cemetery* which will be paid in November this year...

We need to have our faith challenged again for this Chapel project. It will be another journey of faith.
*a small parcel of land owned by the college which was originally bought by Canon Benaiah back in the early 1990s which is now being developed by the same developer as the Blue Diamond Hotel project next to the college.
2. There have been a total of twenty seven new applicants for the new first year to begin in September. The numbers accepted will depend on their entrance tests at the end of this month (July).

3. The results of the exams of the present students, including the finals, will be announced at the beginning of October. The 34th graduation is fixed for 24th October 2015.

4. Two weeks special "justice, peace and reconciliation training" for the students took place at the beginning of June. We are indebted to AFRECS for sponsoring this with a generous donation.

5. I am sorry to have to report that Benjamin Disi, the BGC logistic officer, who has been so instrumental in seeing the college continue through its good times and bad ever since 1984, has been taken seriously ill and is being treated in the Mater Hospital in Nairobi. He has a kidney problem and has spent some time in ICU - although he appears now to be back on the ward. He is supported in Nairobi by a niece who lives there. The college is helping him with transport money and maintenance while he is in Nairobi. Please keep Benjamin and his family in your prayers.

6. The political situation in South Sudan and Sudan does not improve. The churches, however, are making an impact that is not going unnoticed in the international community. You might like to read the following.
In Khartoum two pastors, Rev Yat Michael and Rev Peter Yen, have been arrested and face flogging and the death penalty. Amnesty international regards them as prisoners of conscience because their charges stem from their actions as pastors. and email:


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