Friday, 22 January 2016

BGC Prayer Partners Update 22/01/2016

Dear BGC Prayer Partners,
Thank you for all your prayers over the Christmas season. The college re-opens at the end of this month.

I am delighted to report that our principal, Samuel Galuak, despite going down with a bad attack of Malaria, has had a good break after a challenging semester (August-December 2015) with the large number of students we now have. The staffing levels at the college have always been inadequate, but last semester they fell to a new low through the death of our dear brother Benjamin Disi. His greatest contribution, over and above all his skills and experience, was his dogged faithfulness. This cannot easily be replaced. Nevertheless, we can rejoice in the strength and skills of Samuel and our administrator, Esparansa and the many part-time lecturers that have ensured another successful term, both academically and spiritually.

The things we ask your prayers for this coming semester are:

  • The staffing challenges. Please continue to pray that a skilled, qualified and dedicated person can be found for the post of academic dean. Pray that the principal may get the support he needs in all areas of his task. Our hoped for UK volunteer has sadly fallen though. Pray that qualified overseas volunteers may be found. The college has benefited greatly in the past from such volunteers.
  • The financial challenges. The majority of the income on which the college depends comes from within South Sudan. The disturbingly high inflation of the South Sudan pound has seen the price of food rocket. Food is a major expense when you have 70+ people on a daily basis to feed. This poses a real threat.
  • Give thanks for the continued successful outcomes of the students' studies. Give thanks for their patience and dedication in trying circumstances.
  • Give thanks for the role the college has in Peace and Reconciliation - both in its ethos, and its curriculum. See separate post for a statement from the principal.
  • Rejoice in the continued foreign support the college has from friends chiefly in the UK and USA. Our foreign income is especially valuable at this time.
  • Give thanks for the progress of the new Episcopal University of which BGC will become a part (along with other ECSSS tertiary institutions including theological colleges). The government have accepted the registration. Pray for Dr Joseph Bilal, the EU Project Manager.
Thank you for your prayers for which we are extremely grateful.

Yours in Christ
Trevor Stubbs
BGC International Consultant


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