Friday, 22 January 2016

THE BGC Peace Institute

From the principal.

THE BGC Peace Institute

The status of Peace Institute at Bishop Gwynne College is extremely held in a high esteem. We know that Peace studies alongside theological studies are both compatible in the context of South Sudan. Based on the plans and thoughts we embarked on, there are two programs in focus; a short term and long term plans for peace institutes:

  1. For short term program, we have already begun two separate trainings of which we started in August 2014 and the last one lately last year. We give skills to these theological students for a purpose of giving them rare tools for peacebuilding in the ministries countrywide. The fruit of these effort are vividly seen when a number of the first participants took it upon themselves to do further trainings on their own based on what they have learned at BGC in August 2014. The Revd. Abraham Chol Alaak, who serves among the Dinka Congregations in the area of Kapeota and the Revd James Yout Chol, who serves among the Nuer speaking congregations currently in the UNMISS camps in Juba. The Revd. Yuot's method of reaching out on Peacebuilding has been through his preaching, and pastoral counselling on individuals in the camp. These are few examples I can clearly share what they are doing but I still believe that all the pastors who had attended the training are making used of skills they have learned in various places of their ministries. You remember, some of the members came from Renk (Upper Nile State), Malakal, Diocese of Torit (Eastern Equatoria State), Diocese of Bor (Jonglei State), Refugees and from internally displaced camps in South Sudan. By virtue of their access to the ministry, they are obviously practicing their skills.
  2. Long term plan: in the last meeting we had with AFRECS and Bishop Samuel Peni, we agreed that the curricullum would be designed which is now underway. I am working something (curriculum) out with some experts in the areas of peace and reconciliation. As soon as we made something tangible, I will consult with with Bishop Samuel Peni, to have his opinion added before it is tabled before the college council.
  3. As you know Bishop Gwynne College is academically affiliated to St. Paul's University all along. At the moment, we are almost done with the registration process with the Government of South Sudan. This registration is part of Episcopal University project. Once we attained such legal status, we shall launch Peace Institute as one of the departments of its own along with other programs in the college. With the way thing look at the moment, it is a matter of 2 to 3 months to gain full registration.
  4. We thank AFRECS very much for always supporting the Peace Institute program.

Rev. Samuel G. Marial, BA, MAR, STM.
Bishop Gwynne College
P. O. Box 110,
Juba, South Sudan
Mob. +211955984646

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