Monday, 11 April 2016

Prayer Partners Update

Dear Bishop Gwynne College Prayer Partners

Thank you all for your continued prayers. I hope you have had a good Easter and are looking forward to the changing of the season, whether that be the spring and summer in the northern hemisphere, the autumn to be followed by winter for our southern supporters, or those in the tropical zones anticipating new rains and a wet season.
In South Sudan, there is a great longing for a good wet season this year. Last year was poor. Added to the huge hike in food prices in the market, in addition to the terrible security situation, many people have been suffering from malnutrition and worse.
Please continue to pray.
God bless you all,

Please pray for:
  • The rains.
  • New security in the countryside to allow for crops to be sown and harvested.
  • The speedy establishment of the Government of National Unity promised in the peace agreement to enable people to pick up their lives once more.
  • An end to the galloping inflation – especially concerning the price of food – that is affecting everyone.
  • Those suffering from the traumas and horrors of war.

At BGC we pray for:
  • For the students as they await the results of the December exams.
  • The staff and administration as they continue to teach and provide for the students, especially as the food prices rise.
  • Those students who live off-site and need to pay for daily bus fares.

We give thanks for:
  • The new solar installation taking place at the old building that is helping to provide the electricity to enable the running of the college – administration, printing and photocopying of materials, and light. Special thanks to our friends at the Slavanka Trust in the UK for the funding of this.
  • The energy, dedication and determination of the students to apply themselves to study as well as engage in work in the community.

The new proposed Episcopal University (TEU)
  • We give thanks for the development of this proposal that has been expertly put together by a number of people over the years, in particular Dr Joseph Bilal.
  • Please pray for the consultation taking place on 15th and 16th of this month in Juba between all the stakeholders.
  • In the UK this venture is supported by the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan University Project. The website is here:
  • Dr Eeva John from the ECSSSUP board is attending the consultation. She and Hanna John, a management consultant, need our prayers. They hope to visit Yei and Kajo Keji, if funds allow. If anyone can help with funding them, this would be a very much appreciated gift.!support-us/in7f2

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