Wednesday, 7 September 2016

BGC Prayers Partners Update

Dear BGC Prayer Partners,
Despite the terrible situation in Juba and South Sudan as a whole, there is much to celebrate as Bishop Gwynne College reconvenes for the new semester.
Our principal reports:
  1. Thanks to Shanna and Tim Carter working for Samaritan’s Purse in the USA, enough food has been bought to provide for the students for most of this semester if not the whole of it.
  2. There are currently 33 student at BGC and more arriving every day as the new semester gets underway. Samuel expects a total of 85. This is ten more than last year.
  3. John Jal, has already started his B.Th in Cape Town. In January next year, three others will join him at George Whitefield College - Elias Bonga, Gabriel Duanthi, and Joseph Ayach. They have been granted bursaries and travel costs through George Whitefield College.
Please pray for:
  1. Those who are coming from Lainya and the area to find safe passage back to Juba. The road is impassible. They are planing to get to Juba through Uganda, which is a long way!
  2. Good health at the college. Water born diseases have become common in Juba. We get the cleanest water available through tanker deliveries.
  3. Our administrator Esparansa is still with her family in Cairo. We pray for her safe return to Juba.
  4. Our librarian, Abraham Maker Akur has left for Kenya to a do a masters’ degree. We wish him well. Pray for a satisfactory replacement.
South Sudan has been identified as the second-most troubled country in the world after Syria.
International help is not encouraged by political leaders, but most people recognise that no country in the world can prosper in isolation from others. The South Sudan Council of Churches has sent a message to the UN Security Council delegation visiting South Sudan.
Thank you all so much for your prayers,
Trevor Stubbs
BGC International Consultant.

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